Heightening the energy potential of your rooms

Space clearing

Sweep out bad vibrations

Sweep out bad vibrations

Much like a detoxification cure for your body, space clearing can purify the energy of your living or working space. This feng shui method is a fine-grain rubbish-clearing and housecleaning process that creates space for new energy and momentum in your life. Old energy is dispelled. The result: clarity, greater vitality and vigour – physically, mentally and emotionally. The energetic cleansing of rooms has been practised by numerous cultures and religions for hundreds of years. Incense, sounds, salt and scented oils are used as aids. Much as temples and holy places in the past were regularly cleansed and consecrated in order to maintain a high energy level, regular space clearing is recommended today. Space clearing dissolves negative emotional fields and activates key force points.

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A life of good vibrations

Tao geomancy/land healing

Transforming energies

Good vibrations

Every landscape and every piece of ground possesses a history of its own. And this directly impacts our lives and life energy. Land healing can heal and neutralise the history of a place. The land then radiates a peaceful atmosphere, and all is in readiness for a genuine and powerful new beginning. Life is subject to continuous change and the inexorable march of time. Births, marriages, loves, deep friendships and ecstatic celebrations, as well as wars, migration, famines, sickness and conflicts – the memory of all these events and emotions slumbers deep within the earth at the places they occurred: negative as well as positive memories. Both positive and negative energy fields are stored in fine crystals in the bedrock – much like the data in your computer’s memory modules. The land healing ceremony is a powerful transformation of these earth energies. It restores the vibrations of a piece of land to their original state of harmony and peace. Land healing alters the energies in the earth and the structures within it. The land is then once again clear, energy-rich and an ideal location for successful new projects.

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The first step to change

Every new experience begins with a first step

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