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Human energy flows from the interaction of different energy centres

The teachings of the chakras contain many different systems and elements that derive from highly diverse spiritual traditions. Each of these energy centres has a special significance for our body, mind and spirit. The condition of these centres, their degrees of openness, blockages, energy levels and much more determine our level of consciousness. This allows us to clearly identify where we are and which issues and challenges we must face and overcome. Often, disturbances arise in our personal space as well, which can be dealt with using the methods of Environmental Healing. There is a wide variety of TECHNIQUES we can use to stimulate our personal energy centres. For me, it is important to bundle these traditional arts, derived from diverse teachings and regions, identify the most effective methods and transpose them to today’s context. Everything in our daily lives must function properly. Beyond personal healing, I also believe it is important to provide instruction and guidance to enable self-healing.

Personal healing services

Herbal healing

Harmonise internal energy centre blockages and programming and create a sustainably stable link with the universal energy.

Herbal healing couples ceremony

Resolve the energy in a relationship and find new shared paradigms

Herbal healing group ceremony

A special blend of ancient healing traditions for our daily life. For groups of up to 10 persons

Environmental healing

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