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Relaxation and connection with the universal force

Spiritual link

Meditation is a spiritual exercise that is practised in numerous religions and cultures around the globe. The aim is to collect and calm our spirit and the racing torrent of our thoughts through directed mindfulness and concentration exercises. Particularly in Eastern cultures, meditation is a key consciousness-expanding exercise. Each traditional school seeks to attain a special aspect, such as silence, emptiness, understanding, oneness with the here and now or freedom from thoughts. In my meditation practice, I strive to calm the spirit in order to create the space needed to reorder priorities and change perspectives, and thus balance the energy flow and the relationship with the other energy centres within us. I can lead meditations for single individuals, couples or groups. It is not only ideal for private individuals but can also be a decisive tool for enhancing employee motivation.

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Using traditional knowledge to attain clarity in daily life


Growing and surpassing

Growing and surpassing

In a special ceremony, solemn rituals are performed according to an established rite, to enable the participants to break out of their habituated thought patterns. Often, herbs are proffered in the form of a beverage, or smoke and sounds, rhythms and music are used to support the spirit. Ceremonies of this type have their roots in a wide variety of regions and can be conducted over a long period. Note that a ceremony requires special preparation and after-care. We will be happy to provide more information on request. A ceremony can be conducted for individuals and couples as well as for groups.

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The first step to change

Every new experience begins with a first step

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