We all wish to achieve unalloyed well-being and lead the most satisfying and fulfilling life possible

Gain access to new resources

Everything we need for a good life is already present within and around us. You have everything inside of you – you only need to bring it to the surface and use it. This is not an invitation to be more selfish or less helpful as you travel through life – on the contrary, only those who are optimally connected to themselves and their environment can be truly open and positive persons in both their own lives and their dealings with others. As all of us have experienced, we tend to feel liberated, understood, inspired, energised and enlivened with new ideas after enjoying a heart-to-heart talk, a massage, a cosmetic treatment, a spa day, or simply a positive personal experience. And everyone is familiar with the positive feelings and creative drive that a beautiful location, a welcoming living space or even a pleasant office can evoke. You can have this energy at your disposal every second of every day when you are in harmony with yourself and the spaces you inhabit – when you have unimpaired access to your inner strength, and your personal space empowers you with additional energy Awaken your inner strength and unleash your own healing skills. You have much more power over your life than you probably think today.

Personal Healing

The path to inner strength


Environmental healing

Human-environment relationship


Personal healing

Herbal healing

1 hour: EUR 250,00

Herbal healing is a personal healing method developed by Nicki Eser. The aim is to harmonise internal energy centre blockages and programming and create a sustainably stable link with the universal energy. At the same time, you attain greater self-knowledge, enabling you to actively heal yourself. Herbal healing utilises a combination of discussion and healing rituals to identify your issues and capabilities. Crystals, singing bowls, sounds and scents are used as needed for their protective, activating, inhibiting and purifying effects. The client perceives a pleasant and liberating symbiosis of a wide range of sensory impressions. The effects of the treatment may manifest with a delay, as new energy states develop only gradually. Also, positive and liberating changes in circumstances can emerge in the medium term, as your inner energy begins to impact the outer world. A repetition or refresher is recommended when you feel that you need a session. Appointments on request.

Herbal healing couples ceremony

1 hour: EUR 375,00

Herbal healing group ceremony

1,5 hours: EUR 90,00/person

Gift certificates

From EUR 90,00

Environmental healing

Feng Shui

Price on Request

Living life in harmony means health, well-being, career success, personal happiness and spiritual growth. Thus, we aim to strengthen the positive energies that nourish us, compensate negative energies and attain the perfect equilibrium between the Five Elements. Price on Request

Space Clearing

Price on Request

Tao Geomantie / Land Healing

Price on Request


The first step to change

Every new experience begins with a first step

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