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Our relationship to the spaces we inhabit determines our life journey

The art of feng shui consists of optimising the functionality of the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit. The philosophy behind it aims to achieve a perfect balance of the Five Elements. The key insight is that the relationships between the elements determine their strength. No element is complete without the others. I have made it my mission to transpose the ancient tradition of feng shui to the 21st century and make it usable for everyone. In addition to feng shui, I have mastered and employ geomancy techniques for space clearings and land healing. To help you consciously lead the life you wish.

Environmental healing services

Feng Shui

Living life in harmony means health, well-being, career success, personal happiness and spiritual growth. Thus, we aim to strengthen the positive energies that nourish us, compensate negative energies and attain the perfect equilibrium between the Five Elements.

Space Clearing

Living, laughing, loving, quarrelling – they all leave visible traces, that linger, sometimes oppressively, as energy in our spaces. In such cases, airing is not enough – space clearing restores the balance and recharges the room with “fresh air”.

Tao geomantie/land healing

The land healing ceremony is a powerful transformation of these earth energies. It restores the vibrations of a piece of land to their original state of harmony and peace. Land healing alters the energies in the earth and the structures within it. Afterwards, the land is once again clear, energy-rich and an ideal location for successful new projects.

Who can be helped by environmental healing?

Environmental healing is ideal for resolving both personal and business issues. Whether as a private individual or as an enterprise, your specific issues and needs are the focus of every consultation. The fundamental issues to be addressed are formulated directly in the first meeting. Living spaces, offices and other premises, the land on which a building stands or is to be erected – they all reflect the well-being of their “residents”. Over the course of the consultation process, energy blockages and deficiencies, imbalances and more are identified and the environs are altered so that energy, the qi, can flow positively and unhindered – inner and outer energies are brought into harmony and balance with one another. As always, your concerns and issues will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Environmental healing is right for: Private individuals who wish to • Energetically enrich, clarify and rebalance their homes/living spaces • Find/purchase/sell a property • Build a house. Businesses of all types that wish to • Find/purchase/sell a property • Erect a building • Create optimum office environments for their employees in order to decisively enhance their enterprise success.

Personal healing

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