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Nicki Eser has acquired extensive knowledge of a wide range of teachings over many years, and studied with numerous teachers, shamans and healers across the far reaches of our planet. Over her many years of practice, she has distilled from this knowledge a unique method that connects both the elements of a person's environment, and the person themselves, with the highest universal energy. Her work transposes ancient insights regarding crystals, medicinal herbs, Tao, geomancy, feng shui, sound work, meditation and much more into our contemporary context. She is committed to helping you permanently clear your life, resolve your issues and find new energy for the coming stages of your life’s journey. Nicki Eser takes on consultation commissions world-wide. Her mission is to apply this ancient knowledge in the modern world. We all wish to achieve a state of well-being and lead a fulfilling, happy life. Nicki Eser not only helps, but also unlocks her clients' potential for self-help through knowledge of the healing forces that lie within each person. She shows just how each of us can start working on ourselves. In a time of innumerable challenges and daunting complexity, Nicki Eser helps us to understand what is truly important – how to love ourselves and our environment. Become your own healer, make your home the temple of your life and your office the wellspring of your creativity and success.

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I came across Nicki Eser while looking for the best colour scheme for the buildings of my seminar centre Villa Veda Maria on La Palma. With much love and dedication, she determined the colours for my new house and located its power centres. The Villa Veda Maria on La Palma now continues to grow – into a place of energy, lightness and joy. Multiple bungalows are being built, as well as a main building in close proximity to my own house. I wish to offer people a beautiful atmosphere and energy in this place, and I am doing everything I can to make this come true. I began with a specialist who established contact with the local nature spirits to petition them for peace, harmonious cooperation and, above all, understanding for this project. After in-depth consultations with Nicki Eser, the second, equally important point for me was to conduct a land healing for my project. For me, land healing is the basis for placing everything to come on “solid ground”. But what does that entail? I didn't really have any clear idea and simply went with the process: after thorough preparation in telephone conferences, exchanging maps and layouts, etc., Nicki flew here to La Palma to conduct the land healing. In the early morning of February 2, 2019, she laid a beautiful wreath of flowers, said prayers and conducted a wonderful initiation ceremony. This was followed by further work throughout the property. She meticulously covered the entire property according to a detailed plan and cleansed and healed the energies remaining from bygone times. For my 14,000 square meter lot, that took several hours. The sun climbed ever higher, and the task was completed in the late afternoon. She inspected her work once more the next morning, and only then did she fly back to Germany. I’m extremely grateful to Nicki Eser for the great heart that she devoted to her work. The basis for my grand project is laid... The universe is with me... This will be a wonderful place of peace and recovery for body, mind and spirit. Yours, Maria


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